Granite is an igneous stone, which means, the rock originates from the earth’s crust, and is a result of molten lava or magma. The name itself originates from the Latin word “Granum”, meaning grain. The stone is essentially solidified granular chunks. As per the presence of feldspars, the stone can take over colors viz. milky white, emerald green, brick red and pale yellow.

It is a very hard stone and hence is used to create structures that needs to stand strong for a long time. Buildings, pavements, bridges, monuments and many other works on the exteriors involve granites. In the interiors, granites are used for countertops, tile floors and stair steps. Granites can be rough or polished, and suits many practical purposes as much as decorative ones.

Indian Granites

  • Black Galaxy
    Black Galaxy
  • Miracle White
    Miracle White
  • Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  • Diamond Galaxy
    Diamond Galaxy
  • Arizona Gold
    Arizona Gold
  • Pearl White
    Pearl White
  • S.K. Blue
    S.K. Blue
  • Absolute Black
    Absolute Black
  • Jasmine White
    Jasmine White
  • Absolute Black
    Absolute Black
  • G20 Black
    G20 Black
  • Black Galaxy
    Black Galaxy
  • Coffee Brown
    Coffee Brown
  • Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  • Kashmir Gold
    Kashmir Gold
  • Madurai Gold
    Madurai Gold
  • Saphire Brown
    Saphire Brown
  • Maple Red
    Maple Red
  • Vizag Blue
    Vizag Blue
  • Lavender Blue
    Lavender Blue
  • Saphire Blue
    Saphire Blue
  • Silver Pearl
    Silver Pearl
  • Kashmir White
    Kashmir White
  • Pearl White
    Pearl White
  • Viyara Gold
    Viyara Gold
  • Designer Brown
    Designer Brown
  • Lady Dream
    Lady Dream
  • Shivakashi
  • Hasan Green
    Hasan Green
  • Tropical Green
    Tropical Green
  • Viscon White
    Viscon White
  • Vyara Juprana
    Vyara Juprana
  • Paradiso
  • Cats Eye
    Cats Eye
  • Madurai Gold
    Madurai Gold
  • Warangal Black
    Warangal Black
  • Indiana Gold
    Indiana Gold
  • Impala Black
    Impala Black
  • Colonial Gold
    Colonial Gold
  • Premium Black
    Premium Black
  • Pink Raw Silk
    Pink Raw Silk
  • Colombo Gold
    Colombo Gold
  • Icon Brown
    Icon Brown
  • New Imperial Red
    New Imperial Red
  • Rosy Pink
    Rosy Pink
  • Sweet Pink
    Sweet Pink
  • Pearl Red
    Pearl Red
  • Partho Red
    Partho Red
  • Baltic Red
    Baltic Red
  • Antartika Pearl
    Antartika Pearl
  • Rocking Green
    Rocking Green
  • Argentina White
    Argentina White
  • Rocking Blue
    Rocking Blue
  • Raymond Blue
    Raymond Blue
  • Royal Green
    Royal Green
  • Apple Green
    Apple Green
  • Raniwara Green
    Raniwara Green
  • Raniwada Yellow
    Raniwada Yellow
  • Pearl Red
    Pearl Red
  • Chima Pink
    Chima Pink
  • Jhansi Red
    Jhansi Red
  • Lakha Red
    Lakha Red
  • Tan Brown
    Tan Brown
  • Platinum Pearl
    Platinum Pearl
  • Imperial Brown
    Imperial Brown
  • River White
    River White
  • Icon Brown
    Icon Brown
  • Flash Green
    Flash Green
  • Verde Tulip
    Verde Tulip
  • Impala Black
    Impala Black
  • Premium Black
    Premium Black
  • Black Galaxy
    Black Galaxy
  • Absolut Black
    Absolut Black
  • Red Multi Color
    Red Multi Color
  • Impala Red
    Impala Red
  • Coffee Brown
    Coffee Brown
  • Indian Aurora
    Indian Aurora

African Granites

  • African Ivory
    African Ivory
  • Golden Cascade
    Golden Cascade
  • Ivory Coast
    Ivory Coast
  • Juperana Tier Reg
    Juperana Tier Reg
  • Niagra Gold
    Niagra Gold
  • Sage Brush
    Sage Brush