Marble is metamorphosed limestone, which means it is limestone that re-solidifies after melting down. In an architectural context, marble is widely used for floorings, due to the patterns that it has, which makes it attractive and aesthetic. A pure white variety of marble is used to build statues for display in interiors and other spaces. Marble is mostly used as a decorative stone. Even though it has a high resistance to water, it is easily affected by acidic components in the environment. A classic example available is the present discoloration and corrosion of marble structure of Taj Mahal.

Marble is a much renowned natural stone from the times of the Greek and the Romans, right from the use in statues to iconic architecture. These stones need much care and should be kept out of contact of acidic agents to preserve it for a long time. Classic examples of historic structures are the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon.

Indian Marble

  • Cherry Gold Web
    Cherry Gold Web
  • Cherry Gold Web Close Up
    Cherry Gold Web Close Up
  • Cherry Gold Thunder
    Cherry Gold Thunder
  • Cherry Gold Thunder Close Up
    Cherry Gold Thunder Close Up
  • Indo Spider
    Indo Spider
  • Indo Spider Close Up
    Indo Spider Close Up
  • Forest Green
    Forest Green
  • Emerald Green
    Emerald Green
  • Indian Green
    Indian Green
  • Argentine Beige
    Argentine Beige
  • Bizzaro Purple
    Bizzaro Purple
  • Panther Beige
    Panther Beige
  • Onyx Pink
    Onyx Pink
  • Onyx Green
    Onyx Green
  • Indian Pink
    Indian Pink
  • Rainforest Brown
    Rainforest Brown
  • Rainforest Brown Antique
    Rainforest Brown Antique
  • Rainforest Green
    Rainforest Green
  • Rainforest Green Antique
    Rainforest Green Antique
  • Rainforest Gold
    Rainforest Gold
  • Rainforest Gold Antique
    Rainforest Gold Antique
  • Indus Yellow
    Indus Yellow
  • Dolsey
  • Indian Black
    Indian Black
  • Black Gold
    Black Gold

Italian Marble

  • Bianco Carrara Venato
    Bianco Carrara Venato
  • Venatino
  • Statuario M
    Statuario M
  • Statuarietto
  • Venatino C
    Venatino C
  • Arabescato M
    Arabescato M
  • Bardiglio M
    Bardiglio M

Turkish Marble

  • Ozer Golden Spider
    Ozer Golden Spider
  • Ozer Spider
    Ozer Spider
  • Dark Biege
    Dark Biege
  • Salome
  • Bordo Grizo
    Bordo Grizo
  • Mugla White
    Mugla White
  • Ozer Gold
    Ozer Gold
  • Emperador Light
    Emperador Light
  • Ozer Pink Dolomite
    Ozer Pink Dolomite
  • Ozer White
    Ozer White
  • Yuce Emperador
    Yuce Emperador
  • Yuce Sofita Beige Extra
    Yuce Sofita Beige Extra
  • Yuce Sofita Beige
    Yuce Sofita Beige
  • Yuce Sugar Beige
    Yuce Sugar Beige
  • Yuce Sugar Beige Extra
    Yuce Sugar Beige Extra
  • Yuce White Magic
    Yuce White Magic
  • Yuce Ice Flower
    Yuce Ice Flower
  • Yuce Cream
    Yuce Cream
  • Yuce Light Emperador
    Yuce Light Emperador