Other Natural Stones

Other natural stones include stones that are many a times ornamentally used for textured finish on surfaces like walls and floors. These include varieties like sandstone, limestone, basalt and slate. They give special look and feel on surfaces by their texture and surface styles.


Limestone is taken mostly for its good natural color and durability. Besides this, the stone is greatly favored for its being possible to be cut into any shape. The stone is very much viable to machine and hand treatment. The stone in fact lasts for so many years, that it is used in constructing buildings meant to last for decades viz. churches and universities. The uses in interior includes flooring and fireplaces.

Indian Limestone

  • Kota Blue
    Kota Blue
  • Kota Brown
    Kota Brown
  • Kota Honey
    Kota Honey
  • C Black
    C Black
  • Lime Green
    Lime Green
  • Lime Black
    Lime Black
  • Lime Pink
    Lime Pink
  • Lime Peacock
    Lime Peacock


Sandstone is a widely preferred stone for building and pavement by virtue of high resistance to weathering. Its low rate of liquid absorption, high compression strength, and very aesthetic look makes it a favored stone type for flooring, pool surroundings and wall cladding. Very famous structures that has applied sandstone includes the White House and the Taj Mahal.

Indian Sandstone

  • Rainbow
  • Teak
  • Autumn Brown
    Autumn Brown
  • Rustic Gray
    Rustic Gray
  • Ravina
  • Mandana Panther
    Mandana Panther
  • Bijoliya
  • Mint
  • Agra Red
    Agra Red
  • Kandla Gray
    Kandla Gray
  • Bijoliya Pink
    Bijoliya Pink
  • Lalitpur Gray
    Lalitpur Gray
  • Raj Green
    Raj Green
  • Modak
  • Mint Fossil
    Mint Fossil
  • Bijoliya Dust
    Bijoliya Dust
  • Bijoliya Buff
    Bijoliya Buff


Indian Slatstone

  • Kund Multi Color
    Kund Multi Color
  • Jet Black
    Jet Black
  • Rustic
  • Silver Gray
    Silver Gray
  • Tera Red
    Tera Red

Indian Wallstone

  • Deoli Green
    Deoli Green
  • Copper
  • Mint
  • Silver Shine
    Silver Shine
  • Kund Multi
    Kund Multi
  • Silver Gray
    Silver Gray