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Granite is an igneous stone, which means, the rock originates from the earth’s crust, and is a result of molten lava or magma.It is a very hard stone and hence is used to create structures that needs to stand strong for a long time. Buildings, pavements, bridges, monuments and many other works on the exteriors involve granites.


Marble is metamorphosed limestone, which means it is limestone that re-solidifies after melting down. In an architectural context, marble is widely used for floorings, due to the patterns that it has, which makes it attractive and aesthetic. Marble need much care and should be kept out of contact of acidic agents to preserve it for a long time.

Other Stones

Other natural stones include stones that are many a times ornamentally used for textured finish on surfaces like walls and floors. These include varieties like sandstone, limestone, basalt and slate. They give special look and feel on surfaces by their texture and surface styles. These are mostly sturdy and lasting stone varieties.

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We, at Terrastones, do a distinguished business of choosing and sourcing exquisite stones from around the world for those who care about using the right kind of stone in construction and beautification of buildings. We confidently invite you to gain from our established conventional knowledge in stones and the innovative research we do in this line of business. There are stones from exclusive locations in countries viz. India, Brazil, Turkey and Africa that are unique in their natural origins and mold. These include different varieties of marbles, granites and other natural stones. You'll visit us to be with us, having to look no further for variety in the collection of stones.

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