About Us


The reference to stones and rocks in history are many. The commandments were etched in stone. A Romanian saying goes that “River stones remain, while water flows away”. The greatest edifices are grand by the stones that are paved in it and are built with.

The strength, beauty and other characteristic features of stones makes them endearing, sought after and procured for their sheer worth in terms of quality.

We, at Terrastones, do a distinguished business of choosing and sourcing exquisite stones from around the world for those who care about using the right kind of stone in construction and beautification of buildings. Our team has established conventional knowledge in stones and the innovative research that we do in this line of business.

There are stones from exclusive locations in countries viz. India, Brazil, Turkey and Africa that are unique in their natural origins and mold. These include different varieties of marbles, granites and other natural stones. These stones come from different locations with the inherent quality factor that is a gift from nature itself.

We are in the business of sourcing stones that last long and serve strong. Our stones are viable to enhancements and customized designing.

We resound the need of restoring in nature what is taken from it, besides causing it least harm and destruction. The quest for the best should essentially be not at the cost of the rest of nature. We associate with miners and vendor companies that follow this ethical passion and social responsibility towards mother nature. We are with them who follow extraction procedures that are scientific, ensuring minimization of carbon footprint.